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Hello, This is my first post so bear with me. I can be a bit of a rambler. Well my wife and I have been together 9 years and married 6. Almost all. Saw wife with another woman. I had to get this off my chest. The incident I am going to tell happened about 6 months ago. I decided to come home early and surprise my wife, Sandy. It was summer so she usually is out back using the pool. I thought I would first spy on her because she will invite friends over and they wear. I think having sex with women is just the best. If I'm not thinking about my next meal or which stress-reducing coloring book to buy next, chances are, I'm daydreaming about a merry-go-round of vulvas circling my face. But if you've never had sex with a woman, one vulva—much less a carnival ride full of.

Do you know why men cheat on the woman they promised to love forever? Here are some things that may explain and doesn't reply with "I told you." While this type of woman can exist in his wife, not having this level of understanding may provoke a man to find someone who can fulfill another aspect of his relationship. WHILE it may be many men's dream, when Fred discovered his wife of 17 years and mother of his two children in bed with another woman, joining in the 'fun' was the furthest thing from his mind, even though his friends still won't quit teasing him about it. “I may be different from other men, because I have. The woman I had pledged my love and fidelity to had hurt me in a way I had only heard about before that night. Heartbreak was not a real thing to me until I felt it for myself. Wow. It's real after all! Pains in the chest and sick to the stomach, the total package. It was customary when I worked nights that my wife and I would have.

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