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Here's Dawn and Paul! Brock x Nurse Joy/ Ash x Misty too! Nurse Joy is going to be OOC but it's necessary for the story. Misty not as much. She's going to be a bit bitchy in this. Enjoy! Chapter 1:Masked Saviour. "This is probably the coldest day ever." I said wrapping my arms around myself to keep warm. The fog suddenly clears and Dawn spots the Pokémon Center. Inside, Brock is attracted to Nurse Joy as usual. Shockingly, this Nurse Joy has wanted to meet him, revealing a mutual attraction, flattering Brock and completely shocking Ash, Dawn and Pikachu. Officer Jenny is there as well attracted to Brock in the same. Summary: Dawn isn't feeling too well and is giving a special medical treatment from Nurse Joy. The young year-old Pokémon trainer sat on a comfy chair in the sitting area of the local town Poke Center. She had been there for about an hour now while waiting for her Pokémon to be healed.

She was one of the Judges for the Sandalstraw Town Pokemon Contest. History Edit. Ash, Pikachu, Ambipom, Barry, and his Empoleon are exercising and practicing for the upcoming Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament while Brock, Dawn, and Piplup watch. Kenny comes up to them and tells Dawn that she should be. Nurse Joy (Japanese: ジョーイ Joy) (original name Pokémon Center Lady in the card game) is the name of multiple nurses that work in Pokémon Centers throughout the various locations in the regions in the games and anime. A Nurse Joy can completely restore any Pokémon back to perfect health. She has appeared in. It was the small bedroom that Nurse Joy used. The door was slightly open and Dawn peeked inside. There she saw a completely naked Nurse Joy lying on her bed. She was lying on her stomach, her hips in the air and her fingers busily working themselves in her pussy. She moaned and gripped her bedsheets with her free.

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