Command master chief petty officer

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Master Chief Petty Officer is one of the highest ranks available to enlisted members of the United States Coast Guard, and is rated at the maximum enlisted DoD paygrade of E Less then 1% of the Coast Guard's personnel make it to the rank of Master Chief, and those who do are considered to be among the best and the. The Navy's Fleet, Force, CNO-Directed, and Command Master Chief (M/C) Program is a structure intended to stimulate free-flowing communications and ensure the highest standards of professionalism are upheld at all levels within the chain of command. Fleet M/Cs, Force M/Cs, CNO-Directed Command M/Cs, and. Master chief petty officers are generally considered to be the technical experts in their fields. They serve at sea and ashore in commands of all sizes. Many master chiefs choose to enter the command master chief petty officer program. If selected, a master chief receives.

The Navy is seeking highly motivated master chief and senior chief petty officers for the Command Master Chief (CMC) and. The pay rates, history, and requirements of a U.S. Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer. MCPOCG · Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven W. Cantrell · D-MCPOCG · Deputy Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Leilani L. Cale-Jones.

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