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"Oh my fucking goodness, why did you invite her?" Amber frowned as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her face to reveal her ocean bluish-green eyes. "Why you don't like Iara?" Tanya asked as she pulled an extra comforter set out of her closet. "Because " Amber pouted. Tanya turned to look at. My daughter Jenny had recently turned 18, and was trying to assert her maturity. In this, she'd invited two of her friends over and had informed me in so many words, that I was to leave the house for the evening so they could do “girl things.” Her mother and I had broken up a few years earlier. She was going. It was about pm and my sisters friends had just shown up for there end of the school year slumber party that she was throwing. They were all wearing either skimpy little shorts with spaghetti strap shirts our little skirts with tight little tops, very cute and sexy with there make-up on and there hair done.

Slumber party. Age when it happend: Where it happened: sister's bedroom. Langauge: English Sex: Male Rating: 6. Category: Straight. My little sister had two friends spend the night and my parents were going to be out late. My sister, Lisa, was 14 at the time and so were her friends Julie and Tiffany. Julie had long. Summer sleepover. They were giggling as usual. Maybe a little louder than usual, but nothing new. My daughter Ashley and her three best friends were having their monthly sleepover. They enjoyed the swimming pool during the day and the fact that Ashley had her own TV, video and a nice big bedroom at. "I remember when you were younger, when you first started having these slumber parties. Now you're grown and will be off to college," she cried. "This is your last party and I just want to be here. Because once you go off to school, I won't be able to bake you cookies or anything. I just wanna be a part of my.

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