GOOP AND EEEPS!!! Review of Goop game for iPhone/iPod touch

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Supergay is a game from Klicrainbow, which has a lot of mini-games that you play while going through the story of Super gay & The Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends. Now, when I first heard of this game, I was a little worried that people would take it too seriously, and it really seems like they have.
Salviamo gli Eeeps dalle gocce in Goop per iPhone e iPod touch Review Goop il primo titolo di Fine & Dandy Games, disponibile a soli 0,79 € sul App Store in versione per iPhone e iPod touch (ma funziona magnificamente anche su iPad), è un gioco molto carino e.
Try Amazing Breaker, unique ice-smashing physics puzzler at the AppStore! "It?s definitely a must-buy if you like challenging puzzle games" - App Advice (5/5) "This is a hidden gem!" - [HOST] forum The aim of the game is to blast the ice sculptures with bombs. The trick is to destroy not just the sculpture, but also any small shards of ice left over.
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